The Steps Involved During The Installation Of A Pond Aeration System

While there are a variety of methods that are used for water quality improvements for ponds, few of them compare to the use of an aeration system, as it not only addresses a variety of issues relating to water quality, but it provides fish and other organisms with a stable and healthy environment. Many people are leery of installing an aerator, as it may seem overwhelming at first. The following is a look at the process, and how with a little preparation it is an easy upgrade that will improve any size pond.

Power Source

An aerator will need an electrical source to operate, and while the most common is a standard outlet, many systems come with a solar or wind-powered option. Be sure to survey the area where the pump will be installed and determine if the installation of an electrical line is an option. If not, a device that runs on renewable power may prevent issues and ensure reliable operation.

Pump Installation and Setup

Once the needed power is available, the next step is to install the primary pump that will feed the air into the water. A submersible pump is an easy to install choice, but they are typically cost prohibitive for a vast array of consumers. Shoreside based pumps should be mounted on a flat surface and protected from exterior elements, but they will provide a steady flow of air with minimal noise or without affecting the overall appearance of the pond.

Air Line Installation

Once the pump is installed and working as intended, the last step is to place the airlines that will channel the air into the pond. It is vital to select lines that are made from thick rubber, as their weight will prevent them from floating during use. Many individuals find it is easier to install them by stretching them across the intended installation area by way of a boat.

Few improvements help increase the overall health of a pond as an aerator. Living Water Aeration has a wide selection of pumps and accessories and makes it easy to obtain quality equipment at affordable prices. Check out their site to start shopping today and take the first step in improving the health of any body of water.